Farm-work & Experience


Farm-work & Experience

  • Experience is a must, when applying for any of our farm contracts. Operating a valuable, modern Combine harvester for example requires operators who know what they are doing and people who have some proven track record in South Africa, or abroad in operating these machines. Knowledge on GPS Systems counts in your favor when applying for these jobs
  • If you have experience working on farms in South Africa or abroad you will know that this work includes a range of responsibilities. Our contracted farms require South Africans that have experience on: Combines, Tractors, Irrigation, Sprayers and many of the other skills that a farm requires such as mending fences for example.
  • Working hours on an American farm can be long and sometimes around the clock. It requires driven and motivated people to get those crops of the land when weather or other conditions call for it. Harvesting is of course not the only thing you would do. There are many other jobs like maintenance on Combines, Tractors, painting buildings, installing new fencing, etc etc
  • If you have no, or little Farm work experience, but have other hands on work experience your chances of approval are much better for Carnival work in America.

     Please don’t apply for farm work, if you have no experience in this.

     Carnival jobs also pay very well. Click here to our Carnival website for more information and a Job Interview application form.


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Our farm-work vacancies are currently fully booked. Please click here if you are interested and wold like to apply in our Carnival jobs in the USA.