Costs and Salary


Costs and Salary

Since we will sponsor your travel expenses upfront, if you get accepted in our program, your biggest expense will be covered. After your interview, approval, commitment and orientation, we start processing your application to work in North America. With your ticket expense covered by us, you need to budget for these:

  • The H2-A Visa expenses to budget for is $205 with your visa interview at the US consulate. Which is about R4000, depending on the applicable Rand Dollar rate of exchange.
  • DHL who will courier your Passport with your visa to us, when / If you get approved at a cost of about R309. This changes every now and then.
  • Police clearance from the SAP will cost ± R170
  • Providing proof you are drug free, you may choose to do, in one of two ways:

a) A drug test at a registered lab, such as Lancet, or Du Buison (cannot be done with your family doctor) and claim it from your medical aid if you have one. The drug test may not be older than 2 days on the day of your job interview with us.

b) Or at our head office or our regional interviewers for R300, where you do your job interview and evaluation.

  • Travel insurance (Optional), for non work related sickness or injury. Talk to your Werk-oorsee interviewer for options and costs.
  • Pocket money to take with for when you travel, we recommend at least $150.
  • Our sponsored 2024 package for accepted farm applicants includes:
  • Work at one of our North American farms for one season with pre-tax starting wages of around US $14.50 per hour ! Contracts and wages typically vary between $13-50 and $16 per hour depending on various factors. Depending on the hours you work and at which of our farms that earnings can be around R45.000 a month depending on the Rand Dollar exchange rate, where you work, your hours and the applicable wage rate. Sometimes the farm requires long hours operating maschines in which case your ear
  • Where we allocate you depends on availability, your personality, your skills and your farm work experience.   
  • Administration and orientation session preparing you for your trip. 
  • Valid legal work permit, at our American employer for one season.


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